LA Stand Out In The Crowd

LA standing out from the crowd.

Though LA is a stronghold of popular music, there are some aspects of the music scene that give LA a distinctive flavor. One of these is that LA has produced more solo acts in pop music than any other city in the world bar New York. Nearly 70% of all the acts produced in LA have been solo. This has given the music scene in LA a name for those seeking their fame as solo artists.

Interestingly, LA has the lowest of all cities of produced music by those that have actually born in LA. It appears that much of the music that comes from LA is from those drawn to the call of the lights and clubs of this city. This makes the LA scene quiet transient in nature which allows the nightlife to ebb and flow with what type of music is popular in the charts.

LA in the future.

The music scene has changed drastically in recent years with the introduction of YouTube and iTunes. The industry now has fewer reason to gather in certain cities when music can now be produced and viewed anywhere in the world. This poses a potential threat for cities like LA how have grown on the back of the pop industry.

However, this has not stopped the musical community gathering together. LA is still a musical force to be reckoned with, perhaps due to the dominance of other industries such as film and television. Though talent is now found outside of these cities, notably people like Justin Bieber, they still draw artists to them like bees to honey. This means that the club scene and music scene are just as strong, if not stronger, than ever.

Contemporary & Pop Music in LA

LA is home to many record labels that are synonymous with pop music. Capital Records, whose building resembles a stack of records, A&M Records, and Warner Brothers are all major players in the music game. With names such as Katy Perry and Justin Bieber calling LA home, this city is at the forefront of the pop music industry.

But it is not just pop that LA is known for. There is a strong indie music presence within LA with bands such as Lasco$te, Foot Village, and Silver Dagger being signed and performing in this Californian city. The rap scene is also strong here, with The Game being the biggest player. Though pop music is strong in LA, the music scene is diverse and fluid.

Needless to say, LA is a thriving musical city where all types of musicians are welcome. From the live music in clubs, to the great music venues, through to the recording studios, LA has pop music well and truly covered.