Jazz and Blues

Popular music in Los Angeles originated in Europe. After the development and growth in the United State, gradually formed a jazz, blues, rock, rhythm and blues, rap, folk, soul, dance music styles, but also through the media directly push the pop music into the world, forming a large popular music industry and popular music culture. With the rapid development of popular music, a new form of singing – pop singing has come into being. In China, It began to widespread in the 1930s, customary to call it “pop singing”.
Latter, renamed the pop singing in line with international standards referred to pop singing. Because of its popularity, life, creativity, diversity and simplicity, meanwhile, direct expression of one’s mind. Melody and rhythm are very distinct. The content and themes are based on love, family and inspiration with different styles of feelings and psychological experiences that contemporary people express themselves. Today, it has been popular as the bel canto singing, folk singing and other traditional singing the most important is that it has formed its own independent set of sound system.
There are a variety of popular singing styles without fixed pattern. It pursuits casually natural singing style and emphasizes their authentic voice singing, which reflects the individuality and characters of their voices, feeling nature. The performances are strong and provocative. They mainly use microphones and other audio equipment to manufacture sound effects, and often with the aid of high-tech means such as dancing, acoustic, electronic band to reach the stage atmosphere.
It integrated a set of music, figure, dancing and performances. Because of its different sound, ethnic singing and modern fashion, style of performance it is more closed to people’s lives, making popular singing more entertaining and commercial than any other music. Furthermore, the popular singings are easier for people to learn. Some simple songs without professional training can easily be singed, so popular concert are widely accepted by the general public, especially young people.

In other words, it has a very solid mass base. But this does not mean the popular concert is lack of professionalism and artistry. For example, the genuineness of the popular singing voice conversion, continuous zone across octave voice to show, as well as treble part of the CLS jump skills, if not systematic, professional training, it was impossible to perform. Popular singing started easily, making it a universal and popular. With the increased difficulty of works and skills, difficulty is increasing too, which demonstrates the need of strong professionalism and artistic.